Farming Weeds for Indoor Limited Growing Space

Different Cannabis Strains Indica Sativa Ruderalis

Farming weeds indoors with limited growing space are often tricky. The more weeds you would like to grow the more knowledge you should have on how to grow weeds. Moreover, the more power you will need for lighting. In traditional horizontal setups, the weeds will grow one next to the opposite. Most of the sunshine …

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Aeroponics for Weed

What is aeroponics for weed? Aeroponics is a means to grow marijuana plants with no growing medium for the root system. Its kind of like Hydroponic gardening but rather than roots being suspended in water and nutrients, mist sprays out to feed the growing plants roots periodically. The roots are suspended in air and mist …

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How to Grow Marijuana Indoors

Cultivating cannabis is permitted in many countries such as Amsterdam but when growing marijuana in Australia, it’s a requirement to get the medicinal cannabis cultivation and production permits and licences from the Office of Drug Control. When you have all the correct licensing and permits, you will be given the green light to grow your …

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