Farming Weeds for Indoor Limited Growing Space

Different Cannabis Strains Indica Sativa Ruderalis

Please check your local states laws in Australia before thinking about growing weed indoors. Farming weeds indoors with limited growing space are often tricky. The more weeds you would like to grow the more knowledge you should have on how to grow weeds. Moreover, the more power you will need for lighting. In traditional horizontal setups, …

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Weed Seeds ACT (Australian Capital Territory)

weed seeds ACT

If you’ve been following Australian news, the ACT recently changed cannabis laws regarding recreational use. You are now allowed to possess up to 50g of dried marijuana product or grow 2 plants per person with a maximum of 4 plants per household in the ACT. This is incredible news and many Canberrans are very excited …

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Rediscovering Nimbin: The Cannabis Central of Australia

In this short video, we rediscover Nimbin and the magic the town brings to those who visit. Nimbin is an amazing little town that is pro cannabis, with lots of people from Nimbin having a strong passion for weed. If your looking for 420 friendly people, check out Nimbin to experience the culture. But nowadays …

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Aeroponics for Weed

Please check your local states laws in Australia regarding the legalities of cannabis grown in Aeroponics or growing cannabis in general for that matter before continuing.  What is aeroponics for weed? Aeroponics is a means to grow marijuana plants with no growing medium for the root system. Its kind of like Hydroponic gardening but rather …

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Personal use of cannabis legalised in the ACT

In the ACT, a bill has passed to allow for the possession of up to 50 grams of cannabis. Finally, Canberrans aged 18 and over can enjoy this bit of leniency towards the plant. Per person, you are allowed to grow two marijuana plants. There is a limit for each house though, your allowed a …

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Nan & Pop grow weed illegally to save Grandaughter with epilepsy

In order to save their Granddaughters life, a Nan and Pop took things into their own hands to care for their sick loved one. The answer is marijuana. Although cannabis is illegal to grow and consume in Australia, the two legendary Grandparents went ahead to do what they had to – to save their Grandaughter who suffers from epilepsy. They grew their own and made medicine that helped with the illness. But the law doesn’t permit.

Medical Cannabis in Australia

Currently in Australia, only a “defined group of patients” have the ability to use medicinal cannabis for treatment, even for “severe intractable epilepsy”. As the government continues along the lengthy procedures of changing the legislation for better legal medical cannabis for patients in need, many are still forced to seek medical cannabis from the black …

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Best Cannabis Seed Bank for Australia

We have listed the 3 best cannabis seed banks for you to look at if your in the market for seeds and are legally allowed to buy, possess, use, trade, sell or grow cannabis in your local state or if you have a license and permit from the Office of Drug Control in Australia. When …

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How to Grow Marijuana Indoors

Cultivating cannabis is permitted in many countries such as Amsterdam but when growing marijuana in Australia, it’s a requirement to get the medicinal cannabis cultivation and production permits and licences from the Office of Drug Control. When you have all the correct licensing and permits, you will be given the green light to grow your …

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