Autoflowers Resliency: How These Plants Withstand Adverse Conditions

Autoflowers, also known as auto flowering plants, are a relatively new addition to the world of cannabis cultivation. Unlike traditional photoperiod plants, which require a specific light cycle to trigger flowering, autoflowers automatically begin to flower after a certain amount of time has passed. This makes them an attractive option for novice growers and those …

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Is The Best Wizzer for Weed From Kmart or Big W?

Kmart wizzer and coffee grinder

In Australia, over the course of time, weed smokers have always chopped the herb by using scissors, hand grinders or finger mulling. As this can take time, Aussies have gravitated to using appliances such as coffee grinders aka “wizzers” to do the job. Australians love using coffee or herb grinders as this saves time and …

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Herbies Seeds Australia

Herbies Welcome to Herbies Seeds Australia, where we specialize in providing high-quality cannabis seeds to growers around the world. Our mission is to help you achieve the best possible results with your cannabis plants, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced grower and At Herbies Seeds, we offer a wide variety of cannabis seeds, from …

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Farming Weeds for Indoor Limited Growing Space

Different Cannabis Strains Indica Sativa Ruderalis

Please check your local states laws in Australia before growing weed indoors. Farming weeds indoors with limited growing space are often tricky. The more weeds you would like to grow the more knowledge you should have on how to grow weeds. Moreover, the more power you will need for lighting. In traditional horizontal setups, the …

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Weed Seeds ACT

weed seeds ACT

If you’ve been following the news down under, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) recently changed it’s laws on recreational cannabis use. You are now allowed to possess up to 50g of dried marijuana product or grow 2 plants per person with a maximum of 4 plants per household in the ACT. This incredible news has …

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Cannabis Oil for Insomnia

Can Cannabis-Based Medicine Help Fight Insomnia? The legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes has sparked an interest in exploring the potential of weed to be used as a “natural” remedy for fighting insomnia. While cannabis is traditionally associated with recreational use, more and more studies are being conducted to investigate its effects on sleep deprivation. …

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Rediscovering Nimbin: The Cannabis Central of Australia

In this short video, we rediscover Nimbin and the magic the town brings to those who visit. This place is an amazing little town that is pro cannabis, with lots of people from Nimbin having a strong passion for the plant. If your looking for cannabis friendly Australians. But nowadays you must be extra weary …

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Aeroponics for Weed

Please check your local states laws in Australia regarding the legalities of  growing cannabis in your location before continuing.  What is aeroponics? Aeroponics is a means to grow marijuana plants with no growing medium for the root system. Its kind of like Hydroponic gardening but rather than roots being suspended in water and nutrients, mist …

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Personal use of cannabis legalised in ACT

Australia Cannabis News The legislature of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has just passed a new bill that legalizes possessing and growing cannabis for personal use. This groundbreaking decision is a significant shift in drug policy in Australia, where cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, but is also notable globally, as few other developed …

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Nan & Pop grow weed illegally to save Grandaughter with epilepsy

Medical Marijuana Saves

In this short video Barry and Joy Lambert are a pair of grandparents who have earned a prominent reputation as Australia’s most generous contributors. Despite starting from modest origins, the couple has reached great heights of success and wealth through their diligent efforts. While they have been quite fortunate in terms of their financial prosperity, the Lamberts have also faced numerous challenges, particularly in regards to their granddaughter, Katelyn.

Katelyn is just four years old and suffers from a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. Her condition is life-threatening, and the only treatment that appears to alleviate her debilitating seizures is medicinal cannabis. Despite the fact that cannabis remains illegal in Australia, the Lamberts have become outspoken advocates of its legalization for medicinal purposes. They have invested considerable sums of their own money towards medical research in the hope of discovering and producing effective cannabis-derived medicines, and have also funded education and awareness-raising campaigns related to the issue.

The Lamberts’ experiences with Katelyn have intensified their belief that everyone should have access to affordable and effective healthcare. They believe that medical cannabis should be legal and available as an alternative treatment for patients suffering from various conditions. They have collaborated with a number of medical professionals and organizations to raise awareness about the health benefits of cannabis and to promote legislative reform in Australia that would allow the creation of a medicinal cannabis industry.

Furthermore, the Lamberts’ philanthropy extends far beyond their efforts to promote medical cannabis. They have supported a broad range of social causes and charities over the years, including initiatives to combat homelessness, hunger, and poverty. They have also been influential contributors to research into macular degeneration, a prevalent cause of blindness in the elderly. In recognition of their extraordinary efforts to make the world a better place, the Lamberts were named as the Australian Philanthropists of the Year in 2016.

In conclusion, Barry and Joy Lambert are Australia’s most generous and influential grandparents, and their contributions to society have been both varied and vast. Although their motivations differ, their central goal is the same: to improve the world around them, one person at a time. Whether through their support for medical research, their activism for legalization of medicinal cannabis or their donations to various social initiatives, the Lamberts have demonstrated that generosity and kindness can make a remarkable difference in the world.

In order to save their Granddaughters life, a Nan and Pop took things into their own hands to care for their sick loved one. The answer is marijuana. Although cannabis is illegal to grow and consume in Australia, the two legendary Grandparents went ahead to do what they had to – to help their Grandaughter who suffers from epilepsy. They grew their own and made medicine that helped with the illness. But the law doesn’t bite even in these circumstances.