Question 1: Will my products arrive discreetly? I don’t want anyone who may see the products to know anything about it’s contents.

Answer: All our products are sent in stealth. Packages are unmarked and do not reveal anything about its contents.

Question 2: Will my bank statement reveal anything about my purchase?

Answer: There won’t be any mention of what you have purchased on your bank statement. It will appear as another company charging you.

Question 3: How do I qualify for free shipping?

Answer: If you make a purchase that totals over $150 USD ($217.33 AUD), you will automatically be given free shipping.

Question 4: Free cannabis seeds Australia?

Answer: We currently don’t offer free marijuana seeds for Australia. But we do have buy 10, get 10 free seeds for select products. You just need to have a look on the strains page to see if the description says it is included in the deal.

Question 5: How long does delivery take?

Answer: Delivery usually takes 7 – 14 business days. It may be longer depending on the volume of orders coming through.

Question 6: What happens if my package doesn’t arrive?

Answer: If your package doesn’t arrive in the expected time frame, message us your order details and we’ll check out whats going on. If your package is lost or anything, we will resend another package free of charge.

Question 7: Has anyone been caught importing seeds to Australia?

From what we know, no-one has had any complaints in regards to importing cannabis seeds to Australia from us. Cannabis seeds may get confiscated if found but most of the time it goes through customs no problem. You will simply receive a letter in the mail saying they have found your seeds and they have confiscated it if worse comes to worst. If you or anyone you know has been caught importing seeds to Australia, let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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