Weed Seeds Australia is a webshop where you can buy cannabis seeds directly from down under. We are a web-based online marijuana seed bank that stocks mainly Indica, Sativa or Autoflower weed strains. These strains are suited for outdoor or indow growing operations. Our cannabis seed bank not only stocks cannabis seeds but we also stock cannabis grow guides, fertilisers, bug/disease products and more.

What’s Great About Us?

Our marijuana seeds are 100% pure quality and proven to grow well in Australia. We have an extensive range of high-quality cannabis strains, great pest control, bug or disease products, comprehensive grow guide, and amazing fertilisers. We also offer Free shipping for orders over $150 USD.

What Sets us Apart?

We have unconditional love for our customers. Our products are designed to be easy to grow with, affordable and reliable. Our brand wouldn’t stand the test of time unless our products meet the customers expectations. Here at Weed Seeds Australia, we value that and aim to give more to our excellent customers.

About Our Grow Kits

If you’re looking for cheaper products we have grow kits or bundles that save on money. If you want to grow great from the start all the way to the end, our kits are for you. Not only are they cheap, but all you need from seed to harvest is sorted all in one bundle.

About Feminised Seeds

Feminised seeds are seeds which will grow into a female plant from the beginning. No need to waste time and money growing plants that have the chance to go male. Male plants are useless unless farming pollen from them. Male plants don’t produce flowers or buds. Males also have the capability of pollinating your female plants which means you will end up with seedy bud unless you cull off the males off before they do any damage.