Weed Seeds Australia provides information and links to cannabis seed banks which authorised cannabis cultivators/collectors could potentially obtain seeds from. We aim to inform readers to the best of our ability on cannabis seed banks and provide links for those who are interested, licensed and permitted to import and collect cannabis seeds by the correct authorities in Australia. Not only that, but those seeking seeds must ensure they know that the seed banks offering the seeds are authorised to provide cannabis seeds to the potentially interested persons therefore we ask our visitors to do research on this.

We write about seeds and other products that may be of interest to those who are passionate about cannabis. Some of these seed bank links not only advertise collectible and souvenir cannabis seeds, but some also offer free marijuana grow guides, fertilisers, bug/disease products and more. The interested persons just needs to make sure they have the correct authority, documentation and information on the seed banks before partaking in this activity. We also do not condone to break the law so we say to potential interested persons to do research before diving in.

More About “Links”

The links to cannabis seeds and other products may turn out to be better for some persons. These links offer an extensive range of high-quality cannabis strains, pest control, bug or disease products, comprehensive grow guides, and fertilisers. Some also offer bonus cannabis seed(s) with each and every order.

What Makes These Links Appealing?

The links to cannabis seeds and other products may be better for certain people, more affordable and desirable. The seed banks we link you to wouldn’t stand the test of time if their products didn’t impress. Here at Auto Seeds Australia, we want to help our visitors as much as possible.

About Bundles or Kits

If you’re looking for more affordable products, a seed bank linked have kits or bundles that can save you time and money. If you want to collect great products from the start – all the way to the end, their deals may be for you. Not only are they cost effective, but all you need might just be sorted in one package deal.

About Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Feminised cannabis seeds are seeds which are female so to speak from the beginning. No need to waste time and money on seeds that have the chance to go male if you plan to cultivate cannabis flowers legally. Male plants are less desirable unless you have other intentions. Male plants don’t produce flowers or ‘buds’ which may be less desirable to some growers. Males have the capability of pollinating female plants if they are nearby – which could potentially make seedy flowers unless the males are culled or separated in time.