Aeroponics for Weed

Please check your local states laws in Australia regarding the legalities of  growing cannabis in your location before continuing. 

What is aeroponics? Aeroponics is a means to grow marijuana plants with no growing medium for the root system. Its kind of like Hydroponic gardening but rather than roots being suspended in water and nutrients, mist sprays out to feed the growing plants roots. The roots are suspended in air and mist sprays periodically to deliver water and nutrients.

So how does Aeroponics for weed work?

Aeroponics works by having the roots suspended in air, and then nutrients and water are sprayed continually to the roots to feed the plant. This combined with sun, CO2 and oxygen will assure your plants are healthy in an aeroponics environment. Just make sure your plants get a constant supply of water/nutrient mist to avoid nutrient deficiencies and dehydration.

In order to do this, aeroponics systems have to be setup in a particular way. The system is made up of two primary features (reservoir and planter bed). The reservoir contains the water supply (this where you check for quality and nutrient amounts). The planter bed is where you grow your plants. There are various designs to choose from but most of them have these features: a misting system, drainage system and another system that supports and separates the roots from the plant. At the end of this, pumps are used to keep a constant exchange of water.

Tips on Growing Weed Using Aeroponics

A good idea is to start a seedling off in a medium (such as rockwool cube), then place this in a net cup type pot that divides the inside and outside of a planer bed. You then place a collar on the base of the stalk. This collar is to help prevent mist from evaporating or prevent the stalk to mould. After a while, the roots will grow out of the rockwool downwards to collect the mist then the rest of the plant will grow upwards to get light.

The water that is being used to feed the plants is pumped through water lines with nozzles that spray. These integrate into the planter bed. When the water comes out of the nozzles, it sprays in a fine mist that covers the roots of your plant. The excess moisture then collects and drips downwards into the reservoir ready to be recycled.

Just to note, some systems are made to use the bottom of a planter bed as a reservoir and then pump the water straight back into the water lines. As this will work fine, it is a little harder to view the reservoir without disturbing the roots.

Wins / Drawbacks

Now although growing cannabis seeds with aeroponics might come off as an awesome idea, this growing means isn’t easy. If you want to grow like this, make sure you have sound knowledge about growing cannabis and have the needed amount of money to put in in order to produce quality cannabis from aeroponics.

As aeroponics for cannabis requires the constant flow of mist to the roots, it requires the system to stay active all day everyday. If you have a power out, pump is damaged, nozzles that are clogged and empty reservoirs can detriment your grow with aeroponics. If your roots don’t get enough moisture, they will dry off and die. That’s why placing your attention on your system is crucial. If something fails and your not there, having someone on hand is your best next bet but, most of us don’t have that luxury. Other pitfalls are mould in the planter box and knowing when and how to feed your cannabis plants properly.

Benefits of Aeroponic Weed Grows

There are many benefits that come growing with Aeroponics for cannabis. Roots are in constant contact with oxygen, which roots thrive in. The nutrients are mixed in water and spray directly on the roots making the solution readily available. That’s not the only benefits, aeroponics enables growers to grow each plant closer together. Plants don’t need to compete for soil territory. Having no soil also allows for quick and easy harvests and helps prevent pests that come with growing in soil. Another benefit is aeroponics for weed uses less water and liquid that isn’t used is recycled in the system. If you pair autoflower seeds with aeroponics too, it’s more efficient, compact and you get faster harvests. It’s a brilliant combination.

Quality of Weed Grown with Aeroponics

To cultivate ideal, quality cannabis plants, aeroponics is your go to. Aeroponics is a growing style that expert growers use to grow size-able, healthy plants. Others will say it doesn’t taste as good as opposed to cannabis grown in soil mediums, but the benefits may some times out-weigh this. If you grow cannabis using the aeroponics method, expect to see plants that may be richer in trichomes with yields that may be more desirable.

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