How to Grow Marijuana Indoors

Cultivating cannabis is permitted in many countries such as Amsterdam but when growing marijuana in Australia, it’s a requirement to get medicinal cannabis cultivation and production permits and licenses from the Office of Drug Control. When you have all the correct licensing and permits, you will be given the green light to grow your own medical cannabis. As for growing cannabis indoors in Australia, that may not be legal so check your state’s laws if you’re thinking about doing it.

Most people research online before they grow cannabis. As great as this can be at times, it’s better to find a guide/book that contains all the information you need to grow your own cannabis. Guides like the “Marijuana Grow Bible” which is a free cannabis growing eBook, explains everything you need to grow from seed to harvest.

This eBook answers all of your questions unlike a simple article online which usually only covers specific questions and not all of them. The authors of the free Marijuana Grow Bible also update the book regularly.

So How Do I Grow Cannabis Indoors?

To get a good yield or harvest when growing marijuana indoors, our simple and effective method below is perfect for newcomers. If you want a steady, consistent supply of indoor cannabis however, you will need to familiarize yourself with techniques you can only find from the Marijuana Grow Bible. Aside from that, if you want an affordable means to grow indoors if your legally allowed to, follow our short articles’ information and recommendations below.

Get the right lights

Beginner growers always ask what the best grow lights for Marijuana. Well, it depends on what stages of growing your up to. But to be simple, you can use 600-watt HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights to grow from vegetative stage all the way to the flowering stage. But just to mention, HPS lights may be too strong during the vegetation period of growing marijuana. That is the reason why people go for other grow lights like 400-watt MH (Metal Halide) lights during the vegetative stage. MH lights are white in the spectrum and don’t burn leaves as much as HPS. So in the veg phase, use MH lights, and for flowering use HPS. But if you can’t afford both, go with HPS lights to start you off. You can also use MH lights for all stages of growing cannabis.

Growing Environment

What you want to do next is to get growing containers that are 2 – 3 feet wide, 3.5 – 4 feet long, and 20″ deep. Make sure you poke some draining holes in if they don’t already have them. Try to find 4 of these or grab the biggest containers you can. They don’t have to be pots, any container will do as long as its big enough. If you want bigger yields in the same space, aim to grow 25 – 35 plants in the 4 containers. More plants in these 4 containers will give you a bigger yield than say 4 plants in 4 containers. Aim to get rectangular containers if your room is of a rectangular shape to optimize your yields. Your grow room should also have white paint as it is almost as reflective as mylar. White paint is also more affordable and easier to use. Its also very important to clean the walls, floor and ceiling of your grow room with bleach. You don’t want to put your containers filled with great soil in a room that may potentially have a pest/disease problem. Up next is drainage. Your containers should have rocks or clay pellets to allow for the runoff to go somewhere. This is essential to allow excess nutrients or water to runoff rather than be absorbed by the soil. Cannabis likes dry feet which means it doesn’t like to be overly moist. After that, fill your container with potting mix. You can add ZeoFiber to your soil mix to help prevent pests/diseases and add trace minerals to your grow.

Growing Marijuana

To add more reflection to your cannabis grow, add perlite to the top of your soil. Perlite is a volcanic glass that is mined and turns white and round. It can be used on top of the soil mix or mixed with it. Why is perlite so good? Its great for holding in water and nutrients and allows the excess to run off.

Buy a Light Timer: Cannabis during its growing phase likes a lot of light. If you can give your seedling/clone 18-24 hours of light per day, your plants will grow quickly and efficiently. During the flowering phase, give your plant 12 hours day, 12 hours night.

Purchase a Thermometer: You need a thermometer so you can monitor the temperature of your grow room. Too much heat or cold can impact the growth of your weed plant.

Get a Fan: To improve airflow and strengthen cannabis plant stems, invest in a fan. All expert growers buy fans for this reason. Fertiliser As for fertiliser, refer to this guide for more information. Your plants will require different fertilisers for its different periods of growth.

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