Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks for Australia

Are you wondering what is possibly the best cannabis seed bank to use for Australia at this moment? Well we have compiled a list of the best potentials as of publishing this page.

We aim to list the most reputable marijuana seed banks that are still running and well established in the cannabis seed industry. The seed banks mentioned below are great in each of their respective ways; whether its price, strain range, speed of delivery, reliability etc.

Each seed bank has a selection of cannabis seeds that come in varying genetics so take your time to browse and pick one that’s most suitable to you.

Cannabis Seed Banks for Australia

The list below is compiled of cannabis seed banks with good reviews and from what we have experienced, you may be interested. If you think our list needs modification, please shoot us a message with what seed bank you would like us to review for inclusion. You can contact us here.

Edit: Try MSNL Seed Bank if the below marijuana seedbanks don’t bear fruit.

1. Herbies Seeds Review Australia

Editors pick:

  • From, Alicante, Spain
  • Over 100 marijuana strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Herbies range from feminised, regular or autoflower
  • Packs of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 25 seeds

Herbies seed bank may be your best bet. The company has been operational for over 20+ years paving the way in reselling high quality cannabis seeds, and has placed its roots down firmly in the cannabis industry.

Herbies has a great reputation, stocks quality cannabis seeds, provides reliable delivery for Australia and include free seed(s) in your order.

Free cannabis seeds? Say what? Ok. So here’s the down low on what free seeds you can potentially acquire;

Gorilla Glue Auto – When you make any purchase, your order will come with Gorilla Glue Auto-flower seeds. A must have for growers looking for an overall excellent marijuana strain.


There’s more free cannabis seeds – If you spend $33AUD (€20 euros) or over, you get to choose a free seed from any of the following strain; Auto Gelato, Amnesia Lemon, Zskittles and Gorilla Glue Auto. The best part is for every $33 you accumulate on your order, the more free cannabis seeds you get to choose from and possibly obtain.



Not to mention Herbies has great support through email and live chat to help you with your growing needs. It doesn’t stop there, Herbies has more amazing promos such as discounts, free gifts and exclusive seed bank offers.

Herbies knows what Australians love – so take your time to look at their incredible range of strains today.

2. Seedsman Review Australia

Marijuana Seed Bank Australia
  • From Barcelona, Spain
  • Over 50 marijuana strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Seedsman can be feminised, regular or autoflower
  • Packs of 1, 3, 5, 10, 100 seeds

Seedsman is an excellent cannabis seed bank. The company has been in the cannabis industry since 2003 making them stand the test of time serving the cannabis community for 17 years and counting.

Seedsman offers its products in a pick and mix fashion. You select 1 seed at a time and pay for it individually. You eventually get a discount when you pick and mix more seeds. This seedbank is easily one of the best for Aussies looking to get affordable marijuana seeds.

3. Barneys Farm Review Australia

best seed bank australia
  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Over 40 marijuana strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Barney’s Farm are feminised
  • Available in packaging of 3, 5 and 10 seeds

Without a doubt, Barneys Farm would be a choice marijuana seed bank worldwide. If your looking for highly reputed, quality cannabis strains that impress, look no further. Barneys Farm has been around since the 80’s providing high-quality marijuana genetics. Known for their love of experimentation, Barneys Farm has won awards in the Cannabis Cup. What makes Barneys Farm great? They have been the epicentre of cannabis culture from the start to date. The breeders of Barneys farm ventured from their home country to all around the world to collect and classify different cannabis strains; sativa, indica and ruderalis.

4. Greenhouse Seeds Review Australia

best cannabis seed bank australia

  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Over 50 marijuana strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Greenhouse Seeds are feminised
  • Packs of 3, 5 and 10 seeds

If you’re looking for a well known, big player in the cannabis seed industry that sells consistent, top-selling cannabis strains, then try out Greenhouse Seeds. Situated in Amsterdam, they have a coffeeshop that caters to your cannabis needs. They have tourists come in from all parts of the world that want to sample Greenhouse Seeds products.

Arjan, the founder of Greenhouse Seeds, has spent many years travelling the world to look for unique and localised landrace strains to include in the Greenhouse Seeds brand. They spend a great deal of time looking after each breed to assure it’s quality – and it’s proven with the awards they win. As one of the worlds most famous cannabis seed banks, it makes it elusive to purchase from in Australia especially in 2021.

5. Sweet Seeds Australia Review

aussie cannabis seed banks

  • From Valencia, Spain
  • Over 50 marijuana strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Sweet Seeds are feminised
  • Packs of 3 and 5 seeds

One great thing about Sweet Seeds is that they completely base their marijuana strains from the breeders experience with the strain. So if one of their breeders so happen to like a strain, they will consider to breed it. Sweet Seeds listens to criticism from customers/growers, making them quite the unique cannabis seed bank. One of the greatest philosophies from Sweet Seeds is, cannabis is a gift of nature that everyone across the globe should be able to enjoy.

6. Sensi Seeds Australia Review

buy cannabis seeds online Australia
  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Over 15 marijuana strains
  • Sensi Seeds has feminised, but also some regular seeds in their catalogue
  • Packs of 3, 5, 10 and 25 seeds

If there was one online cannabis seed bank that we would pick as astonishing, it’d be Sensi Seeds. Sensi Seeds has a reputation as a pro-cannabis activist which brings years of passion as an advocate to the marijuana community. Sensi Seeds is also great in the sense of responsibility, education and proper application of cannabis. Their great philosophy to display quality shows and their morals are evident.

Sensi Seeds puts a great deal of effort to ensure that they have products available for all – whether you’re a medical, commercial or recreational grower. They stock over 15 old-school, tried and true cannabis strains that have won awards. There are medical, popular and premium grade cannabis strains available. We would say Sensi Seeds is a great marijuana seed bank for Australia in 2021 but they have stopped sending seeds down under even if you are licensed and permitted by the Office of Drug Control.

7. DNA Genetics Australia Review

purchase weed seeds online australia
  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Over 30 marijuana strains
  • All cannabis seeds from DNA Genetics are feminised
  • Packs of 3 and 6 seeds

DNA genetics has been featured in the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame. This popular seed bank has won every type of award showcased at High Times Cannabis Cup. This is one of the most prestigious marijuana award events to happen globally. Most would say, go shop at DNA if your purchasing cannabis seeds – as they are a marijuana seed bank around with prestige. As a back story, DNA Genetics was actually founded in California, soon leaving to move to Amsterdam in 2002 to enjoy a more cannabis-friendly environment and fully flourish as a cannabis seed bank.

8. Pyramid Seeds Australia Review

cannabis seed bank australia
  • From Barcelona, Spain
  • Over 30 marijuana strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Pyramid Seeds are feminised
  • Packs of 1, 3 and 5 seeds

If your interested in potent and high yielding strains that are likely to grow female, then check out Pyramid Seeds. This one goal has been adapted by Pyramid Seeds to produce an easy to manage, bountiful and brilliant harvest.

Pyramid Seeds has poured all of its resources and knowledge to breed some of the most incredible strains. Pyramid Seeds have also scored many awards at the Spannabis Cup – the largest cannabis awards event in Spain. This is a well known Cup that people from all around the world travel to see. They stock the high quality cannabis seeds that both novice and veteran growers can enjoy.

9. Dutch Passion Australia Review

Marijuana Seed Bank Australia
  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Over 60 marijuana strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion are feminised
  • Packs of 3, 5, 7 and 10 seeds

Dutch Passion is a cannabis seed bank that has been around a fair while. Its considered to be an ancient giant among the cannabis community and they lay claim that they created the first feminised cannabis seed. This ancient giant comes with a reputation, the breeding of Dutch Passion seeds is done with old-school gene pools and tried and tested classics. Seeds are sold as regular or feminised versions – satisfying growers needs.

10. Royal Queen Seeds Australia Review

ganja seeds australia
  • From Barcelona, Spain
  • Over 50 marijuana strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds are feminised
  • Packs of 1, 3, 5 and 10 seeds

Buying from Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) is a good choice; this marijuana seed bank is skilled in advanced breeding methods and stringent quality control. RQS has been in the industry for over 20 years and is now one of the fastest-growing seed banks in Europe. Don’t take Royal Queen Seeds lightly, this big player holds itself well, remaining quite popular to the public but also winning many awards.

RQS has set it straight that they will always be the best they can be, no matter what. They don’t just produce high THC strains either, RQS pours a lot of resources on creating the best high CBD strains which subsequently earned them awards. If you can’t find a strain from RQS, one of the best seedbanks for Australians today, then we don’t know how to help you.

Bonus Review: Serious Seeds

pot seeds australia
  • From Purmerend, The Netherlands
  • Over 15 marijuana strains
  • Packs of 6 feminised seeds and 11 regular seeds

If you’re looking for more old school varieties, check out Serious Seeds. They have been in the business ever since we can remember. Long-lasting cannabis seed banks always warm our hearts a bit. Serious Seeds have spent their time honing their skills to create the perfect cannabis strain.

As you would guess from the name, this is serious business and nothing to toy with. Their variety isn’t extensive but its enough to keep you coming back happy for more. Serious Seeds prides themselves in making sure each customer has a smile with their purchase. They guarantee a stable and reliable means to purchase cannabis seeds online.