Cannabis Seed Bank for Australia

We have listed the 3 best cannabis seed banks for you to look at if your in the market for seeds and are legally allowed to buy, possess, use, trade, sell or grow cannabis in your local state or if you have a license and permit from the Office of Drug Control in Australia.

When purchasing cannabis seeds online, one can easily get confused from the many marijuana seed banks available.

A lot of these seed banks claim they deliver to Australia with money-back guarantee or seeds are replaced if undelivered. However, not all of them do.

If your looking to get cannabis seeds that are well renowned, these seed banks below are for you. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned dollars on buying unknown seeds as it may be of inferior quality.

You want to be able to purchase seeds that have a good track record and grow to expectation. After all, isn’t that possibly one of the reasons why you’re buying online instead of growing mysterious seeds?

Another great reason to purchase your cannabis seeds online is the fact that you can choose to buy regular, feminised or autoflower marijuana seeds.

What are Feminised Marijuana Seeds?

Feminised cannabis seeds grow into a female plant. Less male or hermaphrodite seeds.

This simply means you will get harvestable marijuana flowers at the end if all goes well. No balls of pollen or seeds that may be undesirable to some growers and/or collectors.

What are Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Autoflower cannabis strains are guaranteed female and finish growing in a ball park figure of 3 months. No need to change the lighting to start the flowering phase.

So.. Whats the Choice Cannabis Seed Bank for Australia?

Cannabis Seed Bank No. 3

Dope Seeds

This seed bank has been shipping marijuana seeds to Australia since 2002. They have great quality seeds that usually arrive undamaged.

For over 15 years they have been more than impressive with their service. Great team, good products and relatively affordable cannabis seeds.

Marijuana Seedbank No. 2


Seedsman has been in the cannabis seed business since 2003, only a year after Dope Seeds was established.

Seedsman offer seeds in a pick and mix fashion. So rather than buying 5 seeds at a time of one strain, you can choose one strain at a time if you want. This just means you get more variety for your moneys worth.

Weed Seed Bank No. 1


Herbies Seeds is a top contender for cannabis seed banks online. This company has been operational for over 20+ years paving the way in reselling quality cannabis seeds, and has placed its roots down firmly in the marijuana growing world.

If your after the best quality cannabis seeds and unprecedented customer service, Herbies is for you. These guys have been around for quite some time so they must be doing something right. This cannabis seed bank has many strains to choose from which can be time consuming to dig through.

Not only do they stock big name strains like White Widow, AK 47, Northern Lights, Blueberry and Purple Haze, but they also offer free marijuana seed(s) with every order.

Herbies stops at nothing to make sure you are happy with their service. After all, what makes a seed bank stand out from the rest?

To add sugar to the cake, they have amazing deals time to time so check back regularly for the best offers.

That’s about it.

If you are keen to grow or collect marijuana plants, check out these seed banks to get better quality seeds. Don’t do what others do and grow unknown strains, take a step further and get something that’s got history. These seed banks are the top 3 to choose from based on our teams experience.

Enjoy and remember to check the laws in your state before doing anything your unsure of!

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