Medical Cannabis in Australia

Currently in Australia, only a “defined group of patients” have the ability to use medicinal cannabis for treatment, even for “severe intractable epilepsy”.

As the government continues along the lengthy procedures of changing the legislation for better legal medical cannabis for patients in need, many are still forced to seek medical cannabis from the black market. There are outlets available for people who are terminally ill, but it doesn’t help those who suffer from example sake; severe intractable epilepsy.

In this 20 minute video, VICE explores the back streets of illegal growing and the market for the patients that need it. The backyard growers of medical autoflower cannabis strains in Australia often offer their products for free. But some growers charge, others don’t.

This video is about the issues with access to medical cannabis and the need to change legislation. With the on going battle that medical growers face from drug dealers, police scrutiny and drug laws, it remains a sad consequence that many face.

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