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We would like to present to you our opening post and welcome those new to the website.

WSA is a friendly, cannabis seed bank that aims to provide our visitors an easy, no BS way of obtaining auto flower marijuana seeds online from Australia.

Our presence online dates back to 2013, providing information on the highest quality cannabis seeds, fertilisers, pest/disease products and grow guides to Australians.

We have articles for you to read to get more knowledge on auto flowering seeds. We have tips and techniques, growing schedules, comprehensive grow guides, videos and more.

Our goal is to educate veteran and budding cannabis enthusiasts on tried and true methods of growing, discuss techniques, give grow tips and provide details on the ideal autoflowering cannabis strains to get.

We discuss, regular, feminised, indoor and outdoor cannabis varieties as well autoflower strains.

What are Autoflower Strains?

An Autoflower strain is a mix of ruderalis, indica and/or a sativa strain. Ruderalis is a strain that flowers (or buds) in 3 months despite lighting changes. So if you have a strain that has ruderalis crossed with it, it will flower in 3 months. Strains such as lowryder are great because you will be ready for harvest in just 3 months after planting. The only downside is plants that are autoflower won’t yield as much as a plant that grows for 6 months or longer. But they are great because they take up less space, are great for quick grows and if you have a few of them, you can get a good harvest provided you meet the right conditions.

Why Weed Seeds Australia?

Aside from our good track record and excellent reviews, we are genuinely an advocate for high quality and low prices in regards to cannabis seeds.

We give our visitors the information they need and welcome feed back to improve our website. We stop at nothing to impress even those who are not experienced in the industry. If you like any of the seeds advertised, please leave an honest review.

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