Is The Best Wizzer for Weed From Kmart or Big W?

In Australia, over the course of time, weed smokers have always chopped the herb by using scissors, hand grinders or finger mulling. As this can take time, Aussies have gravitated to using appliances such as coffee grinders aka “wizzers” to do the job.

Australians love using coffee or herb grinders as this saves time and builds up cannabis dust in the device which can be collected and smoked later on.

In this quick post, we list the best herb or “coffee” grinders that Aussies love.

No. 3 – Xam Coffee Grinder


Multiple Setting Coffee Grinder Australia

The coffee grinder from Xam is a more advanced piece of technology. It offers 3 different grinding levels that 420 enthusiasts may find beneficial. You can either grind at coarse, in between and fine.

It also has a detachable bowl so you can lift it up and drop the contents into a container or separate chop bowl.

Out of the 3 coffee or herb grinders we have here in review, this one comes middle in terms of pricing.

The Xam Coffee Grinder generally costs around $40 – $60 depending on the place you purchase it from.

No. 2 – Contempo Coffee Grinder


Best coffee grinder Australia


If you’re looking for a sleek and pro-grade herb grinder, don’t skip out on the Contempo coffee grinder. This unit is seriously packed with power and looks really mean.

If you have the money, consider purchasing this wizzer as it is made with high-quality standards and built to impress. Coffee beans or herbs are wizzed finely at an efficient speed with this coffee grinder, and it’s great at collecting resinous marijuana dusties.

This grinder is available in-store at Big W or online from Wizzer 420. We rate this device 2nd on the best wizzers for weed in Australia.

The Coffee Grinder from Contempo usually ranges from $50 – $70 in cost depending on where you buy it from.

No. 1 – Kmart Wizzer Classic

Kmart Wizzer

Now.. Every herb enthusiast knows this beauty. The classic Kmart wizzer has made quite a name for itself in Australia and most stoners have had this device before or currently have one in the sesh spot.

This wizzer from Kmart is powerful even though it only has a one-speed option for grinding herbs or coffee beans.

The thing is though, it is really affordable and does the job as good as any grinder.

It is a strong contender when it comes to grinding your herbs or beans and will most likely stand the test of time as it is cheap and very effective.

This is the reason why we believe this wizzer is the best in Australia. If you think there’s better one, let us know in the comments below.

You can get one of these classic wizzers from Kmart or you can buy it at Wizzer 420 as well. Each unit will run you about $18 – $25 depending on where you get it from.

Final Words

The coffee grinder from Xam has more speed settings or grind levels out of the lot, it’s also in the middle in terms of pricing. As for the Contempo coffee grinder, it is the most expensive but powerful and professional device. The classic Kmart wizzer though, is the best in terms of costs and grinds at a standard most Aussie stoners love.

It’s upto you what you think, if you have tried any of these grinders, please let us know below so we can help the 420 community grind fine in Australia.


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