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If you’ve been following the news down under, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) recently changed it’s laws on recreational cannabis use. You are now allowed to possess up to 50g of dried marijuana product or grow 2 plants per person with a maximum of 4 plants per household in the ACT.

This incredible news has many Canberrans very excited to cultivate their own home grown weed. Why? Because they know what their getting and it can end up being healthier and cheaper in the long run. Growers from the ACT can opt for high CBD or high THC strains depending on individual needs.

Buy Weed Seeds

Since the new law passed on January 2020, Canberrans have been on the search to get the best cannabis strains to grow in the Australian Capital Territory. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of cannabis seeds for sale online. However, you still need a license and permit from the correct authorities to import weed seeds in Canberra. And, seed banks need to be authorized to export cannabis seeds to Australia.

If you are thinking about importing seeds, you need the green light from the government or your order may be intercepted by Australian customs and you may receive a letter in the mail stating your seeds have been confiscated followed by potential legal action. We do not condone illegal activity so please research your states or territories law before attempting to order cannabis seeds online.

Autoflower Weed Seeds

Want a speedy harvest that doesn’t compromise on quality? Check out weed seeds of the autoflower variety. Get great results in just 3 months without changing the lighting conditions for your plant.

Medical Cannabis ACT

Your local GP or health practitioner can prescribe you medical cannabis if they believe it will help with your condition. Don’t be afraid to speak to your doctor about accessing medical cannabis in the ACT. Speaking to your local doctor is the best bet because they know your medical history if you have regularly used their service in the past.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana: Medical weed has various uses all around the world. Its used to treat diseases and relieve symptoms. You can smoke it, eat it, vaporise it or drink it. The method of consumption is up to the individual user but one things for sure, it really helps some people.

Cannabis Seeds Australian Capital Territory

To buy Weed Seeds in the ACT, visit the seed bank links on our website once you’re legally assured to go ahead. Some of the seed banks have premium cannabis seeds, medical cannabis strains and cannabis cup winner varieties. They have been in business for quite sometime now providing the best cannabis seeds to licensed and permitted individuals in Australia..

Their cannabis seeds have very high germination rates and are of great quality. If you are legally allowed to buy, possess, use, trade, sell or grow cannabis and you don’t want to be disappointed, give these links a go and let us know what you think.

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