Stoner Clothes for Aussies

Are you lost or found? Or high?

If you found yourself on this post on your search for the best cannabis seed bank in Australia, you might be delightfully surprised!

We are interrupting you to introduce, Cannabis Clothing Australia, an up and coming marijuana merchandise store that stocks T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and more.

This stoner clothing store based in Australia ships domestically and offers free shipping on orders over $50. Fair enough right? Well we like that and we like that they’re new.

We’re going to give them all the support we can thus the reason why we are totally promoting them on this weed blog post. We love what they stand for and we’re 100% backing it.

Stoner Clothing for Aussies

If your intro trippy stoner stuff, they have what you’re looking for to impress your 420 friendly crew. If your looking for cheeky subtle stoner shirts, they got you. If you want cool stoner hoodies or 420 hats, they got it!

Have a sus for yourself to see if any of their cool weed clothes for Australians opens up those squinting eyes of yours 😉 Just kidding aha.

BTW, they have a Facebook page as well so you can message them directly through there to see where your order’s at or whatever.

If you’re unsure about anything, they will answer your questions and provide the funnest experience in ordering marijuana clothes in Australia.

Why Buy from Cannabis Clothing Australia?

Well, aside from their team being good hard to find genuine folk with great products, they have excellent taste in marijuana fashion. They sport some of the funniest stoner shirts, weed hats, rasta hoodies, kush accessories and more.

They mention that ultimately, they want to follow in EcoFibres steps to produce hemp based textiles for low income earners in Australia.

We urge you to have a browse to see if you like what you see and purchase something for yourself or even a stoner mate of yours. If it’s not for you, it might be for someone else!

Every stoner loves weed merch amirite? Maybe not, but if you do, why not treat yourself or a good friend to a sick pressie that they will treasure for years to come if you don’t get too high and forget where it is.

But, the best stoner clothing for Aussies is right here at your fingertips. Simply visit their online only shop and pick the best pot head attire and pay by PayPal.

It couldn’t be simpler.. And if you have an issue with your order, whether it’s damaged, undelivered or aren’t as described, you can open a dispute on PayPal and you can basically get your money back if you have reasonable grounds.

So what you waiting for? Buy the dopest stoner clothing for Aussies today

You won’t regret it and if you do, I’m sure the team behind Cannabis Clothing Australia will work tirelessly to look after you. They are really eager to get into the fashion industry but for Aussie stoners with a hunger for humour.

They love a good laugh and welcome all 420 friendly people to their green cavalry.

Check em’ out today!

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